If you check this site daily in the hopes of reading my latest impassioned musings (and judging from my site stats, I don’t think you do), allow me to thank you but also offer a word of warning: this is not a blog. I won’t be posting random pictures of babies or pets (I currently don’t have either), nor will I be providing extensive photographic evidence of what I ate last night for dinner. Likewise, it is highly improbable that I’ll be adding my worthless two cents to well-worn arguments already circulating the internet, and needless to say I shall not be weighing in on the plight of [insert soon-to-be-forgotten newsmaker du jour here] in an attempt to boost my “Googliciousness”. If you came looking for any of those things prepare to be routinely disappointed.

This website used to contain whole sections devoted to graphic design, photography, and football shirts, but those things have since been given proper homes elsewhere on the ‘net. What remains is writing (or more accurately, writing that isn’t about football shirts). As I mentioned, I don’t write that often but when I do I write about the things that interest me, as presented by the (perhaps excessively broad) themes under which each piece is categorized. Naturally, I would hesitate to call myself an authority on any of these subjects, but I believe experience and enthusiasm have afforded me a degree of genuine perspective from which to express myself when compelled to do so. Sometimes I churn out rambling memoir-type pieces in which I wax rhapsodically about events of the not-too-distant past. Indulgent? Yes. Self-absorbed? Perhaps. But you don’t have to read them.

Some of this stuff is knocked out fairly quickly and never thought about again. Other times an article is honed and tweaked for days on end until I finally feel I can put it — and myself — to bed. While most stories reproduced here are relatively recent, others pieces have been dusted off and lovingly restored to their former splendor (in the cases that there was any there to begin with). I still have a lot more work (in various states of completion) that I hope to post soon plus plenty more new ideas, so stay tuned…

I’ve heard it said that you should “write about what you know.” So if you want my take on the debt crisis or the Mets’ stolen base percentage allow me to be the first to apologize. If, on the other hand, you came here to read a relatively young man’s personal journey through an egg cream wonderland or to learn of the infinite virtues of pink newsprint, I hope you enjoy what you find. Thanks for reading!

James Campbell Taylor
New York, August 2011

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