Metropolitan College of New York

Founded in 1964 by education pioneer Audrey Cohen, the Metropolitan College of New York celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2014 — as Senior Designer at Creative Source I was tasked with branding the college’s upcoming milestone. This began with designing the anniversary logo to be used on all marketing and high-profile advertising campaign across the city. This branding was expanded to the college’s invitation and event materials for its 50th Anniversary Gala at the Plaza Hotel. By far the most ambitious task was the creation of an interactive timeline illustrating the college’s remarkable history from 1964 to the present day. Installed on a fifty-foot wall at its Canal Street campus, the giant frieze incorporated photos, graphics, archival material and newspaper clippings, which were presented alongside significant news events overt the past half-century. A condensed printed version of the timeline was then mailed to donors and alumni. At the same downtown location, I designed a series of large-scale window decals at the same location, which advertised MCNY’s anniversary to pedestrians and motorists at street level.

50th Anniversary Gala Program

50th Anniversary Gala Invitation

Printed Timeline

Interactive Timeline Installation

Canal Street Window Decals